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Winter Is On My Head

I’ve had the great pleasure of being part of Winter Is On My Head the past several years and this year contributed my version of “O Come, O Come, Emmanuel”. Give it a listen and let me know what you think AND if you enjoy it and would like to use it in your advent service, you can […]

Got 2.5 minutes?

There are some of you who are probably on the fence as to whether or not support this record. Maybe you need more details or maybe you’re in that sort of wait and see period where you’re wondering…will it be good…will I like it…will it be worth my $10. All fair questions. I’ve been part […]

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  • Clips from the KKHT Christmas Special (and a bit of…
  • We recorded this song live at Wire Road Studios as…
  • We recorded this song live at Wire Road Studios as…
  • We recorded this song live at Wire Road Studios as…
  • We recorded this song live at Wire Road Studios as…
  • Graffiti Cathedral-Opie
  • Home Video Part 3
  • Graffiti Cathedral home video part 1

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Blake & Tara

Blake is a musician, speaker and theologian. Over the past seven years Blake has served as the director of music for multiple congregations and currently serves as the Director of Worship & Arts at Our Saviour | New York. Blake has been part of six musical releases with his bands The Orange Effect and Graffiti Cathedral, written for The Armchair Project, spoken at and served on the planning committees for the FiveTwo Wiki Conference and the WALi Summit, and currently serves on the leadership team of Winter is On My Head.

Blake currently lives with his wife, Tara, daughter Amelia and their dog Opie in Queens, New York.

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My wife Tara and I have embarked on a new journey. We are moving to New York City, the biggest city we will have ever lived in. It seems a bit crazy but we are so undeniably called to this.

In early March I accepted the position of Director of Worship and Arts at Our Saviour | New York, a recently relaunched ministry in New York City. In just under six months of relaunch, Our Saviour has two growing communities, one in Rego Park, Queens and another in Midtown, Manhattan.

I will be overseeing teams of musicians and artists as we serve both OSNY communities as well as all of New York City. I’ll also be working with what OSNY calls missional communities. Missional communities are simply a group of people gathering together, trying to live together in this crazy world and serving their neighbors.

In short, God calls His followers to love Him and love others…so that’s what we’ll be doing.

As you can imagine, living in a city like New York will provide unique opportunities for me as a musician. You can expect to hear more music from me in the near future as I will continue to write and perform. Playing music has always been a door to building relationships with others, and I am looking forward to the people we will meet and the creativity that will flow from it.

Many of you have asked us how you can support us, so we have put together this site explaining ways you can be part of the adventure.

I am humbled by the many people that have already committed to supporting us financially, through prayer and sharing the story. I give thanks for your partnership in this ministry.

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